Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Trick or Treating at Disneyland = good candy and lots of rides on Splash Mountain!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


In March we got the girls at set of bunk beds for their room and took out the double they shared. The mattress ended up all around the house and even in the back yard as a toy! This was a Sunday morning chilling out and playing on the mattress which is on top of the weight bench.
Baptism Pictures
Ashlyn's baptism pictures taken by our sweet Aunt Amy. She did a fantastic job... and to think she's fairly new at this... just think of what she'll be able to do as she gets even more practice!

It was such a beautiful spring day when these were taken. A slight breeze and beautifully colored flowers all over with a gorgeous mountain range scene, you just couldn't help but think about all of God's wonderful creations of which we're apart!

Isn't she lovely?! I think I'm gonna have to make my blog private now to protect my beauties!!

Ashlyn's baptism invite that I spent an entire day working on and calling friends for help to teach me over the phone how to create in photoshop...thanks Lindsey and Amy! I am proud of how well it turned out!

Baptism day: April 11, 2009
It was the day before Easter, the day we have family brunch, egg hunts and BBQs. It was an un-ordinary Easter Saturday with having Ashlyn's special day and on top of all that, it RAINED! It was such a beautiful way to begin the Easter celebration and reverence for our Savior as Ashlyn followed in Jesus's footsteps by being baptized by immersion and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Ashlyn's friend Susanna Belle shares a birthday with our Ashlyn Belle. They also shared their baptism day, even though we are in different wards. That was fun for them.

Ashlyn, Susanna and Makenna (another one of Ashlyn's best buddies)

Ashlyn with Great Grandma Shirley and Great Grandpa White
Ashlyn's middle name Belle is after G.Grandpa Wilford White's mom Annie Belle

Ashlyn and Dad (who baptized her)

Ashlyn and Cousin Emily
Mom and Dad with Ashlyn
These are the kids that attended the baptism.

Grandma Judy and Grandpa Thompson with Ashlyn. Grandma played the piano during the baptism and for the special musical number "Search, Ponder and Pray" that Ashlyn sang with her cousins and friends. Ashlyn sang a solo for the 2nd verse. It was soft but very nice. Grandpa was a witness and stood in the confirmation circle.

Grandma Teresa and Grandpa Yetter and Ashlyn
Grandma gave a really good talk on the Holy Ghost at the baptism and Grandpa was a witness and stood in the confirmation circle.
Time for the egg hunt! It was drizzling rain by the time we got home from the baptism and started our egg hunt.
Emma found more that her share!
Ashlyn finding eggs.

Cousins Macy, Emily and Avery found eggs too!

The girls were checking out their loads! Makenna, Kyla, Ashlyn, Avery.

WOW! Look what I got!! CANDY!!
Blake running off with his Easter bunny from Grandma Teresa.

Emma all wet but happy!
After the Saturday rain, Easter Sunday was beautiful. Here I am with my beautiful Emma...
and my sweet Crew...
and the girlies together... where's Blake?
The day after Easter while the kids are at school, Crew sneeks up to Ashlyn' bed and is getting into her candy. TROUBLE!

Discovery Club Program: The African Savanna
April 23rd
All dressed up.
Emma and her buddy Avery
Both granmas came!! Lucky girl.
The best ever program because Dad came!!
Emma was so excited to have dad come to see her program. It was the only one he was able to come to. - Even though you don't see pics of mom, she was at ALL the programs.
Emma is showing dad the map.
Crew: our sports nut!!
During football season it's all football, during baseball season it's everything baseball. I could spend the entire day in the backyard pitching the ball to Crew and he would love it! He runs around the house (or the store) and slides as if he were running the bases and sliding in to home. He really is a natural at it too. Crew can make contact with the ball better than some of his older siblings. He is just so much fun and fun to watch. Speaking of watching, he would rather watch sports than cartoons! What kind of a two year old is this!??!!
Crew with Blake's helmet, bat and shoes. We find these items all over the house!
Cinderella Casa Grande Preliminary:
April 25th
Once again the girls were score sheet participants- not competing, just getting more practice.
Ready for interview. Matching sisters is so fun!
Emma even went to interview by herself (and the other girls her age) and did awesome!
Dressed up in partywear. (I made Emma's dress for Easter.. not too shabby eh?)
Here she is again with her beautiful smile.
At the end of the pageant with all the girls. Emma is wearing her old banner and crown.
And Ashlyn lined up with her group with her old banner and crown.
The whole group

After we got home from Casa Grande, the girls and I went to check out a bennefit concert our dance studio put on. The Phoenix Suns gorilla was there with his patrol team.
Ashlyn and Emma with the Gorilla.
Emma scored that gorilla hat.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Lehi Days

This is our first time going to Lehi Days. There was an animal petting zoo that the kids loved. It was fun to touch and hold these different animals. We also sat and watched some of the roping events and races that were held. We all had a great time.

It was so fun for the kids to get to ride on a little pony! I think it was a first for most if not all of them!
Spring Break

Of course we headed north for spring break and hit the slopes for that last time in the spring season. If you look carefully you will notice that we are ALL on skis, even Blake who usually is on a board. We thought we'd try skis on Blake until he gets better balance, control, and strength to stay up on a board. He did great for his first time on skis and wasn't on his behind nearly as much as he would have been if he were on a board.

Blake and Ashlyn

Blake, cousin Max and Aunt Amy headed up the mountain.

Blake and Max on the lift.

Kyla and Ashlyn

Here come the boys...

Another great view.

Amy and Angela with Kyla, Max, Ashlyn and Blake
Back at the cabin Crew and Rhett are busy bodies...

Crew had an accident on his scooter riding around the sidewalk at the cabin. He hit a crack and biffed it! His finger got the worst of it. The nail was split all the way down to the cuticle and the finger itself is a little bent at the first joint... probably broken...

They are really into the movie CARS. I just love watching the way they sit and focus, especially Crew with his tongue hanging out.

Cinderella Scholarship Pageant

Tucson Preliminary

Ashlyn and Emma have recently participated in the Cinderella program. The girls model a casual outfit and a party dress and do a talent, (which is the best part and reason we did this in the first place). It has been great to work on speaking up and clearly and practicing singing in front of an audience.

This was their second preliminary. We took a little road trip with our friends, Jheri Glover and her girls, down to Tucson. Having friends we knew sure made it all the more fun! Emma had a hard time when we first got there so I to go into her interview with her (I was the only mom in there).I told Emma she didn't have to go on stage and participate if she didn't want to, but by the time the pageant actually got started, she warmed up and went out there.
Here is Kaylee Glover, Emma, and Gracie Glover ready in their casual wear outfits. Aren't they all cuties?!

Here is Emma and Gracie in their collective judging.

Ashlyn is ready to go.

Emma and her look alike friend Sydnee Coddington the Cinderella International Tot

It's great to have a sister!

Waiting to go on stage.

Kaylee and Ashlyn are all dolled up and ready to share their talents! They both did fantastic and sang their hearts out. (Kaylee performed in the teen division and Ashlyn performed in the mini miss division)
Our girls didn't compete in this preliminary, but did a judges score sheet and were able to get notes from the judges on what they did well and what they could improve on.

Here they are again!

By the time it was all over, we were starved and went to Mimi's Cafe for some yummy food!
Here's Jheri and her girls with me and mine!

Happy 8th Birthday Ashlyn!

Ashlyn had a rockin' 8th birthday party! Her and several friends all dressed up like Hannah Montana, learned a song, and made a little music video while they sang. We gave each girl a matching outfit and microphone and of course some dress-up makeup! They rocked out and had a blast! Here's the rockstar birthday girl!

Ashlyn and Susanna

Cousin Macy and AshlynOpening gifts...

Kyla and Ashlyn Look at that rockin' cake... yes I made it.
More friends.. Lilly and Brooke